#SpotlightSunday – The Children’s Heart Foundation

Happy first #SpotlightSunday! Today I want to put a spotlight on an amazing charity that does a lot of work for children who have congenital heart defects. – I do want to tell you that all of my #SpotlightSunday posts are charities and non-profits that I have looked into and I am not getting any kind of compensation for posting about them. All I am doing is playing a small part in spreading the word on the amazing works these charities and non-profits do.

If you read my relaunch post last week, then you learned about my motivation for why I want this blog to put good back into the world. My niece. Well, today’s #SpotlightSunday played a role in the aftermath of what my family has gone through since the passing of my niece.

The Children’s Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to fund the most promising research to diagnose, treat and prevent congenital heart defects in children. CHF was founded in 1996 and it is the country’s leading organization that is solely dedicated to funding congenital heart defect (CHD) research.

Since it’s founding, CHF has funded more than $11.1 million of life-saving, life-changing CHD research in several areas including clinical cardiology, basic science, population science, and advancement of surgical/intervenitonal techniques.

On their website, https://www.childrensheartfoundation.org/, they tell their story of how this foundation came to be, and it all stems from a little boy named Sam who at the age of 8, passed away after major organ failure that was brought on by a sudden heart-related collapse.

To read their story and look at the videos on their site, this foundation is doing wonderful things to help children and their families overcome and plan for the future for children with congenital heart defects.

One event that The Children’s Heart Foundation does to raise money for research is the Congenital Heart Walk. Now, CHF is not the only foundation that does walks, runs or relays to raise money for their research, and I have participated in quite a few relays in my life. But the Congenital Heart Walk is something I am very much considering doing.

They have these walks all over the country, and the one closest to me will be the walk this September in New York City. Check out the walk here or see if there is going to be a walk closer to you. If I can play a little part in helping another family avoid going through what my family has gone and is going through then it is my job, as a human being to do whatever I can to help.

Go and check out this amazing charity, and if there is a non-profit that you want me to spotlight one month comment below, send me an email, or post it on our Facebook page! There are so many deserving charities out there and I want to shine a spotlight on as many as I can!

So stay geeky and whether big or small try to make a difference today and always.

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