Happy New Year!!

It is 2019 Readers!!

A new year means new things to come! There are a lot of new things to come this year for this blog that I am so excited about!

More content, some more shared content with my buddies over at The Splash Network, maybe a few guest bloggers stopping by even!

In most New Year’s posts, we might tell you their resolutions, but this year, instead of resolutions for this year, I decided to make a plan. Resolutions can be easy to quit, but with a plan you need to stick to the plan if you want to succeed!

Now, to be fair the end of my 2018 and beginning of my 2019 did not go according to plan. I was laid up all weekend with food poisoning… not fun at all. But instead of being down about being sick, I am going to look on the positive.

In 2019, I want to be healthier, not just eat healthier, but healthier mentally, physically and emotionally. Here is where the silver lining for the food poisoning comes in. For those who have had it, you know what happens, and even if you haven’t had it, you know someone who has had it. So with a totally empty system, it is like starting back a square one, and I can make only the right choices going forward for food.

The plan for being physically healthier kind of ties into my being mentally healthier – on January 7th I will be starting a new job, and my new job has a gym on site, so the only excuse that I have to not go to the gym is to not go to work – and let’s face it, that will never be an option!

So, stay tuned Readers, there is lots to come in 2019 and I think this could be the best year yet!