Book Review: The Day She Saved the Doctor

In honor of the Season 11 premiere of Doctor Who I wanted to review a Doctor Who book, and with Jodie Whittaker taking on the mantel of the Doctor, I thought that this book would be perfect.

The Day She Saved the Doctor, is one of my favorite Doctor Who books so far.

We read/hear (if you listen to the audio book) four different adventures with four different Doctors and four different companions.

We follow Sarah Jane and the 4th Doctor, Rose and the 9th Doctor, Clara Oswald and the 11th Doctor and finally Bill and the 12th Doctor.

Each story fits the personalities of each companion and their Doctor. I love how the companions, most of which are females, are so powerful and confident in themselves.

Even if you are not a fan of all of the companions, each companion fits their Doctor and makes for incredible adventures.

I loved each story so it is hard to pick my favorite, but I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone, even if you know nothing about Doctor Who!

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I can’t wait for tonight’s Season 11 Premiere!! Keep an eye out for my review of the episode – coming soon!!