Story Saturday: What to Read This Weekend

Welcome back to our second #StorySaturday Readers! This week we are gonna dive into the world of superheroes with this week’s review! (Please note that there are afiliate links in this post.)

The world was taken by storm this past summer when Patty Jenkins’ film Wonder Woman exploded in theaters. If you are thinking this book will be a tie-in for the movie, I can tell you, it’s not going to be what you think it is.

Leigh Bardugo’s book is the first of the DC Young Adult novels from Random

House publishing. We meet Diana as a teenager living with her Amazonian sisters in Themyscira. We see a more in depth look into Diana’s upbringing and we meet her as she is about to run a race of honor with her sisters.

As she runs the race, she notices something in the distance just at the end of Themyscira. Diana abandons the race to investigate, where she finds a shipwreck, with a single survivor. This survivor is Alia, a young woman from New York, who was trying to escape her overprotective brother. Diana promises Alia that she will get her home safe, making this quest Diana’s first trip into the world of man. While she takes this quest seriously, she ventures into the world of man not as Wonder Woman, but as a young girl who wishes to prove her worth not only to her mother and her sisters but to herself.

Diana soon learns that this quest to get Alia home will be far more treacherous than originally planned. It turns out that Alia is just one of a long list of Warbringers, descendants of Helen (you guessed it, Helen of Troy, he face that launched a thousand ships). We learn that when a Warbringer comes of age, her power grows to full strength it causes strife and war.

One of the things that I love about this story is that half of the story is told from Diana’s point of view, it gives us even more of an insight into the thoughts of a girl trying to prove herself to the world. The thoughts and feelings of a girl who wonders if she deserves to be an Amazon since she did not die with honor on the battlefield like her sisters.

This adventure with Diana and Alia is one that keeps you on your toes for the entire time, and even has some twists in it and presents many questions about Wonder Woman, and her life when she was just Diana. These questions include, is Steve Trevor the first man that Diana has felt feelings of love for? Pick up this book to find out the answer to that and so much more!

If Wonder Woman: Warbringer sounds like a book that you would be interested in, whether for a day at the beach or a rainy day in – check out the links below (please note that the Amazon link is an affiliate link):


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Till next time Readers, pick up a good book and enjoy #StorySaturday!