Quotes to Inspire

Happy #WisdomWednesday Readers! This week’s quote comes to us from one of my all time FAVORITE shows, Doctor Who!!

How many times have you let fear derail your life, keep you from experiencing things? Have you ever let the fear of failing or falling turn you into someone your not?

This quote from the episode listen, and is spoken by Clara to a young Doctor. In her tenure on the show, Clara Oswald was one of the best companions for the Doctor. She was always able to bring a steady calm to a mad man with a box.

There is a part of this quote that really resonates with me personally, “You’re always going to be afraid, even if you learn to hide it.”, this portion has stuck with me. I have learned that no matter how much you hide from it, fear always has a way to creep back in – whether it is fear of failing at a task, fear of falling too hard or too fast for someone.

So this week readers, I want to challenge you to not let whatever you might be fearful of dishearten you, instead let that fear motivate you to rise above.

Till next week Readers, go out and be inspired!