Marvel Monday: What's going on in the MCU?

#MarvelMonday is a new bi-weekly posting where I am going to talk about all this Marvel! My last #MarvelMonday post was all about Avengers: Infinity War.

This week’s post, is going to be my movie review of the latest MCU installment – Ant-Man and the Wasp – please note, SPOILERS AHEAD!! So if you haven’t seen Ant-Man and the Wasp yet, pause your reading, go see it, and then come on back!

Taking place two years after the events of Captain America: Civil War, we find Scott Lang counting down the days to the end of his house arrest, the consequence he must face after his decision to aid Captain America in Civil War. With his former associates Hope Van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym on the run from the authorities using their advance quantum technology to run and hide their lab, totally staffed by ants.

The movie starts with Dr. Pym and Hope working to find a way to search for Hank’s long-missing wife, Janet Van Dyne (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) in the Quantum Realm. You’ll remember, the Quantum Realm is the place where Scott goes for a brief period of time in the first Ant-Man movie.

Their quest however, is complicated with the appearance of not one, but two villains – Sonny Burch, a black market broker who is working for rich clients with a large personal interest in Dr. Pym’s technology. The second is The Ghost, whose real name is Ava, a girl who phases in and out of the physical realm, something that causes her a lot of pain – and she blames Dr. Hank Pym for her condition.

After the tone of Avengers: Infinity War the antics of Scott Lang and the humor in a tricky situation was a welcome thing. I loved that this was a family movie, even with some of the jokes in it.

While this is the first movie post Infinity War, the actual film takes place before those events – but like all Marvel films, you have to stay till the very end of the credits.

After Hope and Scott save the day, and Dr. Pym retrieves his wife Janet from the Quantum Realm, we see Janet help Ava to no longer phase between the physical and quantum realm. In the after credits scene though we see Scott heading into the Quantum Realm, to pick up the healing cells needed to keep Ava from going back to her former condition.

While Scott is in the Quantum Realm for less than a few minutes in that time, across the world in Wakanda, Thanos snaps his fingers – Hope is doing the countdown for Scott to re-enter the world from the Quantum Realm, the countdown suddenly stops and 3, and when the camera pans back, all we see is the dust settling where Hope, Janet, & Dr. Pym were once standing.

Of course, in true Marvel fashion, there was a second end credit scene, showing what is left after that fatful snap, and the only thing left is one of the Ants, wearing headphones and playing Scott’s Rock Band Drum set.

I loved this film, and I highly recommend it – Marvel did it again, and I can’t wait for the Captain Marvel movie and Infinity War conclusion, due out next year in 2019!

What does this mean for next years conclusion to Avengers: Infinity War? Only time will tell, but this fan-girl theorizes that the Quantum Realm is going to play a VERY BIG role!

What do you think will happen to Scott as he is stuck in the Quantum Realm? How much do you think the Quantum Realm will come into play for the Infinity War conclusion? AND of course What score did the Ant get on the Rock Band Drum Set??? Clearly only time will tell!

Stay tuned as #MarvelMonday continues – Next time, get ready to check out our first character break down – from their first appearances to predictions about what their future in comics and the MCU will be. Our first profile – the very first Marvel Superhero, can you guess who it is? No? Well, you’ll just have to come back in two weeks and find out who it is!

Till next time Readers, have a great #MarvelMonday!