Story Saturday: What to Read this Weekend

Welcome Readers to the new and improved #StorySaturday –
A bi-weekly post where I will share with you reviews of the recent books I’ve read and we can have a conversation about our favorite books that are perfect for a quiet Saturday at home, or for a great read when you are away on vacation! (Please note that at the bottom of this review there is an affiliate link)

Our first #StorySaturday adventure that we will embark on comes from the book Armada, written by Ernest Cline, who also wrote Ready Player One. Now, word of warning if you are looking for a book that is like Ready Player One, then you will be surprised, but it’ll be a good surprise!

Armada follows Zach Lightman a high school senior and one of the top 10 gamers in the fictional shooting video game, Armada. When a series of events push Zach into a real-life version of the video game.

Much like Ready Player One, this novel from Ernest Cline is packed full of references to a ton of video game and pop culture phenomenon from the 70’s and 80’s. From Star Wars to Space Invaders and from Flight of the Navigator to Iron Eagle and the Royal Guardsmen’s Snoopy vs the Red Baron.

While the basic storyline, young gamer is drafted to save the world from an impending attack from alien invaders, is one that has been done before (Ender’s Game, The Last Starfighter, Flight if the Navigator) – and is even referenced in this book, Ernest Cline’s straightforward writing brings reader’s on an even bigger mission – learning about all of the pop culture references.

Cline’s ability to get the reader to care about what the references in his book refer to (with the exception of Star Wars or Star Trek, cause let’s face it, if you don’t know anything about Star Wars or Star Trek you must have been frozen in carbonite for at least the last 50 years!).

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the nostalgia of the 80’s, or anyone who is looking for a great book to escape into. I will suggest though that before you read the hardcopy or listen to the audiobook (narrated once again by Wil Wheaton), that you watch the 5 following movies so that you can understand most of the references:

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Till next time Readers, pick up a good book and enjoy #StorySaturday!