Quotes to Inspire

Hi Readers!

Like most people last month I reveled in the watching of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now known as the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, as they were married. There was so much inspriation found in their wedding day, but one of the most inspiring quotes of the day came from Bishop Michael Curry during his sermon at the wedding.

This part of his sermon not only is the perfect summation of what his whole sermon was about, but it is also the perfect perspective and view on how powerful love really is.

To me the power that is in love is not only the power to lift up and liberate someone in our life, but love is the power to lift ourselves up and liberate ourselves from those things that keep us down. Whether it is feelings or words from others, or if it is the detrimental words we say to ourselves when we have quiet moments.

I have always seemed to struggled with the second part of that, the letting love for who I am lift me up and stop me from putting myself down. However, having these two simple sentences to go back to has shown me that while the power in love to heal is an awe-inspiring and amazing power, sometimes letting love heal yourself can others can take time and hard work.

Now, I know what your gonna say – it took a royal wedding for you to figure that out? And if I were reading this then I would be thinking the same thing. But this quote and the royal wedding are only cogs in the machine that is my brain. I think it was not only the fact that it was a royal wedding, but that this wedding was much more than that. It was a growing of a nation, a growing and openness of a family, and a blossoming of love throughout the world.

So, I think with Bishop Curry’s words, we can all find the power in love and use that to heal those we love, those we have yet to love, as well as healing ourselves with loving exactly who we are.

Till next time Readers! Go out and be inspired by the power in love.