Sunday Adventures: Atlantic City & the Jersey Shore

Hi Readers!

So this past Memorial Day weekend, I went to Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore with my family! And I am here to give you the 411 on my favorite spots! I have to apologize though, I was having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures (insert face palm here). I promise though, the next time I am down there my Instagram feed will be blowing up with pictures!

So when you arrive in Atlantic City there are a ton of Casinos and Resorts, but my three favorite are the Tropicana, Ceasars and Resorts.

We’ll start at the far end of the boardwalk, in the Tropicana! My favorite restaurant in the Tropicana is called Cuba Libre. I haven’t had a full meal there, but if the side dishes are any indication I’m gonna be having dinner there soon!

Cuba Libre is always my first and sometimes even the first and last place I go in Atlantic City. I usually get either a Rum and Seltzer or a classic Caparinha to drink, and to eat I always get an order of Tostones and an order of Yuca Fries. For those who don’t know, Tostones are plantains that are cubed and friend then pressed flat and friend again. Oh my gosh are they delicious! Yuca Fries are the Yuca or cassava root cut into almost a steak fry shape then deep fried. The Yuca Fries comes with a cilantro lime dipping sauce and the tostones came with a spicy dipping sauce. The spicy dipping sauce is my favorite!!!

Aside from Cuba Libre, the Tropicana has a great Irish pub, and amazing shops in “The Quarter”

As we move back up the boardwalk we come the Caesars. There are so many great things to do there, but if you are looking for the BEST buffet on the boardwalk, look no further!

They have everything you could possibly want from Prime Rib to Crab legs, Chinese to Italian and everything in between. The staff is great, the waiter we had was named Kamal and he was so friendly and so attentive. My mom and I had an amazingly open and wonderful conversation with him about family and the blessings in our lives and he was so wonderful that he made the day even better.

In addition to the great buffet, you can see amazing shows and there are lots of shops and resturaunts, I haven’t tried them all yet, but one day I will.

One mile further down the boardwalk we come to my favorite place in ALL of Atlantic City, Resorts Hotel & Casino.

Inside (and outside) the Resorts Hotel & Casino is a Parrotheads Paradise! Don’t know what a Parrothead is? Parrothead is what fans of the great Jimmy Buffet are called. And inside Resorts you have the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar, the Margaritaville Casino AND a Margaritaville Restaurant! I have been to my fair share of Margaritaville Restaurants and this is definitely one to check out! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! when you leave Resorts to go to the boardwalk, across the boardwalk is the Landshark Bar & Grill, complete with a Beach Bar!

From the gift shops by the restaurants to the amazing food and drinks, this is by far my favorite spot. One of my favorite food things on the menu are the Volcano Nachos – a bowl plate piled high with nacho deliciousness, and of course a meal at Margaritaville is not complete without having a “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. For drinks they have anything you can think of but my two favorite cocktails are the “Bama Breeze” and “Don’t Stop the Carnival”, but you can also never go wrong with one of there great Margaritas (I mean come on, it’s in the name so they’ve gotta be good!).

Now, I am going to level with you all, I am not a big gambler – so when I go to Atlantic City it is for the entertainment, the food/drinks, and the memories I get to make with my family. That being said, this last trip I decided that I was going to play one of the penny slots. Oh my gosh I must have picked a good machine, cause readers, I won and for a non-gambler I won BIG!

Have you ever been to Atlantic City? If so what is your favorite part? I would love to hear from you!

Till our next adventure Readers!