Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Readers!

I hope you are all having an enjoyable long weekend! I am currently enjoying a few days at the Jersey Shore with my parents.

We’ve spent some time in Atlantic City and on Long Beach Island – both places that I have been traveling to since I was very little. I’ll be posting in the next few days about my vacation and sharing with you all of the highlights! 🙂

For today though, I wanted to just write to you all to say Thank You to the men and women who are not only currently serving, whether reservist or active, in our military, but most importantly to those service men an women who have given their lives in service to protect and serve this nation.

For you long time readers, you know that I come from a family of military men and women. My Grandpa and my Pop-Pop both served during World War II, my Grandfather was in the Navy and my Pop-Pop was in the Army. My Aunt was a Commander in the Navy, I have cousins who have served in the Air Force and the Marines. My dad served and my brother is currently serving in the United States Coast Guard. Needless to say, I come from a military family and I could not be more proud of that fact.

My support for the men and women in the armed forces is unwavering no matter what the political climate of our country is. The truth is, we can have a political climate that changes in this country because the men and woman of our armed forces have and are willing to pay the ultimate price for the most precious thing we have in this country, our freedom.

I try to stay away from politics on this blog because there is so much political talk these days no matter where you turn, and I promise this is not going to be some political rant, I just want to pose this thought – if you were to ask 100 people, or even just 10 people on the street what Memorial Day is about, how many would get the answer right?

So while you are barbecuing, picnicking, or just spending time with your families, if you know a veteran or someone who has family serving, or someone whom you know has lost a loved one who was serving to protect this country and it’s ideals – shake their hand, give them a hug and say thank you.

To those who currently serve, their families, and to those men and women who have paid the ultimate price for freedom – Thank you, we honor you and you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers not just today, but every day of the year.

Happy Memorial Day all!