Quote to Inspire

Hi Readers!

I can’t believe I missed posting a quote last week. Well, the past is the past all we can do is push farther to the future.

Here is today’s “Quote to Inspire”:

Like many people, I can sometimes let things that have happened either around me or to me pull me down and make it hard for me to move on and make the most of my day.

It doesn’t matter whether it is at work, at home, or even on the drive to somewhere. To many times do we let the anger, the sadness, the worst parts of our day or even just the worst 10 minutes of our day ruin what was overall a good day.

So with this quote this week, I want to give you each a challenge. When you start to feel the water fill your boat, and weigh you down come up with something positive to remind yourself of where you are going have something positive and upbeat to say, a mantra maybe or even pick a song that you know will lift your spirits and keep you pressing on.

Keep that song or mantra in your pocket, and when you have a rough moment during your day, say it or listen to it, as many times as you need to.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I have a whole playlist on my spotify that when I have a bad meeting at work, or something in my day goes really wrong, I play this playlist and within the first song I start to feel better!

That’s your challenge this week readers! I will share my playlist over on my Facebook Page, I would love for you to share you mantra, song, playlist etc. with me – with a little help, we can help each other from getting weighed down.

Till nest week readers! Go out and be Inspired!