What To Read This Weekend – Book Review

“Then her eyes closed, and the fire and the chaos and the death and the noise disappeared. Just like the red-haired woman.”

Wow, if there were to ever be a Black Widow movie, this is the story I want them to use. It shows Agent Natasha Romanoff in ways that we know, but also in a way that gives us more insight into how she became the Black Widow that we know today.

When the book begins we follow Agent Romanoff on a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D, where she is sent to take out Ivan Somodorov also known as Ivan the strange. While on this mission she rescues a little girl, but the mission and the rescue do not go according to plan. At the end of the ordeal, Black Widow leaves the little girl, whose name is Ava, with a ripped note and her symbol on it saying that if she should ever need help to give the note to someone at the Embassy and she will come.

We then fast forward eight years into the future, the Avengers are a household name and Black Widow like them. We meet a young man named Alex while he is with his friends. On his arm is a tattoo of the Black Widow symbol, and we end the with a shadowy figure and black gloved hand receding from the back of the yard. Alex isn’t the only one we meet eight years later, we also catch up with a now grown-up Ava, who it would seem is far less than a fan of Black Widow, unlike the rest of the world.

Fate it would seem has different things instore for Black Widow, Ava, and new character Alex when they are forced together in a situation that raises ghosts of the past and brings new light to both Ava and Natasha’s past that will throw even the most devout fanboy into tizzy.

I loved this book because it shows more sides to Natasha Romanoff and gives us a bit more of her back story. While this book is not officially canon for the MCU, I would absolutely recommend this book, whether you are a fan of Black Widow or a fan of some friendly and familiar faces who show up during this adventure it’s a great read and something I will definitely be reading again!

I highly recommend this book, which can be read in canon or as a stand-alone. If you have not read it, use the links below go get either the audiobook or the printed/e-book version so you can begin this awesome adventure!**

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