Quotes to Inspire

Happy Wednesday Readers!

This week’s inspiring quote comes from one of my favorite speakers, Matthew Hussey. Matthew Hussey is an author, dating expert and lifestyle coach. I’ve been listening to and trying to follow his advice for about a year now, and his insight into things is incredible.

I love this quote, because every part of it inspires me to make the most of today. Too many times, usually around the loss of a friend or loved one, even the end of the relationship, I find myself going through the what ifs and why didn’t I do this or that.

I promise, this week’s quote is not meant to be morbid – but more of an inspiration wake-up call.

How many times have you not lived, loved, laughed or experienced a day to it’s fullest? How often do you let those you love, or those closest to you influence who you actually spend your day.

When I ask myself these questions I find that more often then not, I have let those friends not only influence what I do (or more often what I don’t do) but who I am. Too often I look back and realize I let a friend, or a significant other derail me, derail who I am.

I love this quote, it is honest and concise, it is a goal that I can set for myself everyday.

Till next week readers – live & experience each day to it’s fullest and be inspired!