What To Read This Weekend – Book Review

We knew that Leia was clever, but this book from Claudia Gray I think is one of my favorites and proves that she is far more clever than we could have thought.

It was never a secret that Bail and Breha Organa had adopted their daughter, everyone on Alderaan, even everyone in the galaxy new. When the book begins, we meet 16 year-old Princess Leia of Organa, on her day of demand, when she presents herself and her challenges of the body, mind and heart, to her parents, in order to be formally named heir to the throne of Alderaan. To achieve her challenges for she partakes in rigorous survival courses, practicing politics in the apprentice senate, and leading relief missions all over the Empire to worlds who needed it.

While the challenges Leia undertakes worry her, however, she finds that she is more worried about how distant her parents have become, always throwing banquets and excluding her, speaking in hushed tones in the palace library and keeping things from her. They had never done this before. As she tries to figure out what her parents and their friends are up to, we see how she grows and relationships she has with characters we haven’t met or have only recently met.

This is the first book that I have read from Claudia Gray in the Star Wars canon that I have read, and I can tell you that I can’t wait to read more. The way she captures characters we have always known, and introducing characters we want to know more about.

The thing I liked most about this book is that Claudia Gray gives us not only

introductions to characters that we haven’t known too much about, but she gives us closure to characters and star systems long forgotten from the prequels. Of course in those closures she also gives us a twist in knowing what we know, and wondering if characters in the story knew about.

My favorite example of this is when on one of Leia’s relief missions, she goes to one of the moons of Naboo, now I know you’re probably thinking, oh my god that sounds familiar – and it is. Naboo is the home planet of Emperor Palpatine and Leia’s birth mother, Padmé Amidala. While on the moon of Naboo bringing relief to the miners, Leia meets the current Queen of Naboo and with her has a meeting with the Governor of that moon. The Governor, is none other than Quarsh Panaka, who if you remember was the security chief to Queen Amidala. The scenes that follow this are full of twists and links to the past.

I highly recommend this book, which can be read in canon or as a stand-alone. If you have not read it, use the links below go get either the audiobook or the printed/e-book version so you can begin this awesome adventure!**

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