Winter Woes & Broken Bones

The temperature rises and the sting of winter is starting to fade, but Mother Nature is not letting winter go that easily.

For those of you wondering why I have not posted at all this last week, I promise, there is a good reason for that. On February 1st, while walking down my driveway, it was a bit icier that I though, and I slipped and fell. Even though I thought it was just a sprain I still went to the doctor to have them look. As it turns out, I broke my ankle in three places.

At the age of 28 this is the first time I have ever broken any bone in my body – impossible right? While I danced for the majority of my life, the worst injury that I have every had was a severely sprained knee. Of course, now i am in a cast and I can’t put any weight on my ankle and foot for at least 2 weeks…. talk about a total bummer.

Luckily, I’ve been able to catch up on movies, TV shows I’ve been behind on and more importantly, I’ve been able to watch and enjoy the Olympics! So for the next few weeks while I am recovering I am going to clue you in in some things I’ve been doing as well as other things you can do if you find yourself like me.

I’m also happy to report that the first “What To Read This Weekend” book review series, will be posted this Friday with a new review every week! Also, keep an eye out for a special Valentine’s Day edition of “Quotes to Inspire” this week!