Quotes to Inspire

To be inspired, whether it is by a quote, a book, a movie, even a person you meet in your travels over the course of a day, is something that is to be treasured.

This past week the Oscar Nominations came out and there is one nominee that has truly inspired me. From the movie The Greatest Showman, the story of PT Barnum, the song “This Is Me” was nominated for Best Original Song.

I have found myself listening to this song almost every morning. For anyone who has struggled with self-esteem issues or has been bullied for being who they are this is not just a song but an anthem to celebrate those little differences that make us who we are and make each of us special.

Below is the lyric video released by 20th Century Fox – I hope that you will watch and be inspired by it.

We are each special in our own way and we can all make a difference, as ourselves. This film itself is truly inspiring, and I am going to leave you today with another line from the movie that inspires me everyday:

Till next week readers, go out make a difference and be inspired!