Quotes to Inspire

Happy Wednesday Readers!

This weeks quote is one that I have in a small frame on my desk at work to remind myself to always be kind.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – she needs to be reminded of this every day? The truth is no, I don’t need the reminder every day, but it is nice to know that on those really hard days, when I feel like everything is going wrong, or when a customer is being really rude and sometimes downright nasty, having that little reminder helps me.

It helps me to remember that while things are going wrong or someone is being mean or crude, there is a chance that my being kind, respectful and not reacting as they act, that maybe, just maybe the next thing will go right. It could even mean that the next person my customer talks to will be spoken to a little bit nicer because whatever small amount of kindness I showed, wasn’t wasted and made their day better, even if that kindness was as small as addressing the customer with a smile and understanding that they may not be acting this way because of you, but instead because they are frustrated with the situation.

So as we enter the downhill part of the week, keep this quote in mind. you never know how even the slightest bit of kindness can brighten anyone’s day.

Till next week readers, go out and be inspired!