What to Pack – A Day in NYC & Boston

Hi Readers!

So back in September, I shared some tips with you on what to pack for a reunion. Now, I wanna share with you some of my tips on what to pack for the perfect day in New York City and Boston, MA!

**Just a heads up, I will share different products that I use for these tips, I have not been given any compensation to promote or share these products – they have just made my life easy and I figure, why not share them. 🙂

One of the most important things you will need for a day in any city, but especially NYC or Boston is your bag. You wanna make sure it is big enough to fit everything you might need, but not so big that it is really over-sized. I would suggest that you want to avoid carrying a large backpack, because there are some places where you might go that do not allow backpacks. So my bag of choice is either the Organizing Shoulder Bag that I have, from Thirty-One Gifts (check it out here) or the Sling-Back Bag, also from Thirty-One Gifts (check it out here). Both bags have a ton of pockets and are perfect for a day in the City!

But what goes in the bag is just as important as the bag itself, so here are the top things you need to pack for a day trip into a city, no matter whether it is NYC or Boston, or any city where you can do some sight seeing.

– Cellphone with fully charged back-up battery pack: if you use your cellphone for maps or apps to find your way around the city you definitely want to have a fully charged back-up battery pack and cord to make sure that your phone doesn’t die

– Camera, memory cards & extra battery: Most people use their cellphone as their camera when travelling, but if you are using a regular point and shoot camera or a digital SLR camera, make sure you have plenty of memory cards, and two full batteries (one in the camera and a spare).

– Headphones: if you are headed into the city by yourself or to meet up with people you may have to ride the train, subway, or metro system to get to places. So you might want to have headphones to listen to music or watch a video to past the time on the train – you may want to leave one earbud out so you can hear the announcements.

– E-book Reader: an alternate to listening to music is having a Kindle or Nook type device (or even your cellphone) so that you can catch up on that book you’ve been wanting to read.

– Emergency Poncho or Mini Umbrella: even if the weather says it should be clear, there is always a chance that it could change. I like to have an emergency poncho with me (like this one), or you can also get a mini umbrella (like this). Either is a great option, but between you and me, it’s easier to get the mini umbrella back in it’s case than try to refold a poncho.

– Small Wallet for Cash/Credit Cards/Metro Cards: Even though you have your bag, it is sometimes easier to carry a smaller wallet so that you can fit some of your purchases in your bag to keep your hands free. There are so many options for smaller wallets that it’s hard for me to pick one that I like above others.

– Emergency Needs Kit: So this is something that I have started carrying not just when I am travelling but every day. I use a small case to hold advil, rewetting drops, handi-wipes, hair ties, bobbi pins, and band-aids. The case I use is the “Cute Case” from Thirty-One Gifts (check it out here) It may look small, but it holds a lot! You can choose what goes in this small case, but I find it helpful to plan and have anything I might need.

So this is what I usually have with me when I go into the city, but I would love to hear what some of your go to things are to carry with you when you travel, whether it’s in the city, around town, or on long trips. Leave me a comment below or message me!

Till next time!