What to Pack – Reunion

Hi Readers!

So last weekend, I had my 10-year high school reunion. At first, I thought, oh my goodness – has it really been 10 years? that can’t be. Then I thought,  what am I going to wear, how should I pack?

So in this post, I am going to share with you some tips for packing for a reunion, any reunion – high school, family, college, you name it – these tips will help!

So sit back, and get ready to get packing! 🙂

What type of events will you be attending/what attire should you pack?

One of the first things you should find out what type of event your reunion will be. My reunion took place at a very nice venue, but we had a bbq spread and lawn activities. So if your reunion is confusing you about what to wear or pack just reach out to one of the organizers, and just check on what the dress code is. Another factor to think about is the weather, usually it’s a factor whenever you travel but especially if you have to plan certain outfits, keeping an eye on the weather is always a good plan.

How long will your reunion last?

Some reunions last only a few hours, while others can be all weekend. My reunion was only a few hours, but there have been others that either friends or family have attended that have a fancy dinner on a Saturday night, and then a family picnic on Sunday.

What should I bring with me to the actual reunion?

When going to a reunion, there are a few things you should have with you:

  • Photos – there is nothing worse than trying to scroll through your phone for photos, so you can go to the dollar store and pick up a soft cover photo album and print out your favorites. Or, if you would rather just use your phone, create an album in your gallery and put your favorite photos in it to make showing off kids, nephews/nieces, grandkids, pets, anything you would want to share.
  • Camera – now, most people use their cell phone camera since it makes sharing photos in the moment on facebook, twitter & instagram easier, but if you’re a bit of a traditionalist have your camera and extra batteries.
  • Business Cards – whether it’s a class reunion or even a family reunion, there are always opportunities to network and grow your business. So make sure you have something, business cards or other items that might make networking easier.
  • Notepad/mini notebook & pen/pencil – you are going to be connecting with friends of old, making new friends with people you weren’t friends with or reconnecting with family members (depending on your reunion) so put the phone away, talk with people and instead of using your phone to get people’s emails or phone numbers write them down on a notepad or in a mini notebook, you can continue the conversation and not worry about technical difficulties with the phone.
  • Cash – whether your event has an open bar or is a cash bar, make sure that you have cash on hand to tip or pay for drinks.
  • Power Bank – if you know you will be using your phone a lot, taking pictures and things like that make sure you have a power bank and cable with you so that your phone isn’t dead when you need to call the uber or lyft.


Reunions are a great time full of fun and memories. My advice, go and make the most of it, whether going by yourself or going with your significant other, don’t let anyone interfere with the fun you can have reconnecting with people who have been a part of your life.
Till next time readers, when I give you some tips, tricks, and packing hacks for making the most of your suitcase for any travel!


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