Quotes to Inspire

Hi Readers,

Here we are again – another Wednesday night and time for another quote that has motivated me or changed the way I think about things.

For today’s quote I found a great one from one of my favorite heroes in the fandom world – The Doctor


Now, sadly through my life I have had points where I have been very negative, and no matter what good things happened the bad always seemed to over shadow and ruin the good.

It was after talking with a few friends that I found my negativity was not only impacting my friendship with people that I was super close with, it was even impacting my relationships with the people I worked with. That is why I love this quote, it is a great reminder that the good and the bad although they some times walk hand in hand – they do not have to be mutually beneficial or mutually destructive, they can just be what they are, the good times and the bad.

So I guess the moral of this quote for me is to take the good and bad as they come, and if something bad happens let be like the rain drop that rolls off of the duck – of course if something good happens, no matter how big or how small, celebrate it, make sure that you celebrate all the little goods, because although it might not soften the bad, it can make the good even better!


Till next time readers!


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