Quotes to Inspire

Hi Readers,

So like many people, whether they admit it or not, I have always had insecurities. I have felt like I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, or even just good enough. I felt like when good things happened to me I didn’t really deserve it. I didn’t believe in myself, my skills, my abilities. I let other people tell me what I was worth, even if deep down inside I thought they were wrong.

That is where this week’s quote comes in. This quote is something that I try to keep in my mind every day, and I try to read this quote at least once a day.

Now this quote, is actually a part of a scene from one of my favorite tv shows (which is sadly no longer being aired), the ABC show, “Marvel’s Agent Carter”.


I love Peggy Carter, to me she is a role model for all strong women. Not only has this quote helped me in becoming more confident it has helped me beat back those insecurities that have always seemed to hold me back.

Girls now a days do not have many strong independent female role models that they can look up to. Now, that is not to say that they are not out there, but I look back at myself, and how I was when I was younger. I know that Peggy Carter is a fictional character, and I know that fiction and fantasy cannot always be helpful in reality. However, when I look at characters like Peggy Carter, I see the strength and passion of a woman who refuses to let anyone hold her down or tell her that she can’t do something.

Last week my quote was about being the hero/heroine in your own life – this week, I wanted to share this quote, because knowing your own value is a big step in making sure others see your value.

I am sad to say that it took me a long time to learn my own value, and there are still days when I let fear and other people’s opinions keep me from seeing my value. But really when it comes down to it, the only person whose opinion of you that matters is your own. Once you learn your value, you don’t need to accept other people’s opinion of you or their idea of your value.

Use this as a daily mantra if you’d like, I do, and I strive to have the strength, determination, and conviction of my character everyday, just like Peggy.

Till next week readers!


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