Quotes to Inspire

Hello Readers,

One of the posts during my challenge that received great attention were the quotes that I shared. So I am going to be doing a weekly post of a quote that inspires me and I hope inspires you.

So without further ado, here is our first quote for this series:


I love this quote from Nora Ephron, to many times I have found myself feeling like I was not the lead or heroine in my story. Now, although I have never felt that I was the victim, there have been times where I was not the heroine of my story.

To many times, I have seen people take the lead in my life and in other’s lives when they should only be a supporting character. It is because of these people that I try every day (and sometimes I don’t succeed) to be the heroine in my life.

Do you sometimes feel that you are not the heroine of your life? It’s not a bad thing, but it is something we can all learn, whether hero or heroine – that it is your life, your story, and as some believe we have but one life and one story to live, we must make the most of it and we must strive to be the star in every aspect of that life.



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