March Blog Challenge – Day 11

Hey Readers,

For today’s post, I am going to wing the topic. 🙂

So this morning I went and saw the new movie “Logan”. OMG!!! Such a good movie, there are so many parts that I want to touch on but I know some of you may not have seen it and I don’t want to spoil the movie for any of you.

There is a heaviness and an emotion that all I can describe as sadness, and it follows you through the whole movie. The pace may be slow for some people, but it was definitely paced to build and really pull the audience in. Compared to some movies that the pace is just slow for no reason, I really didn’t see an issue with the pace.

I will also let you know that things  you think you know from the trailer… you are most likely wrong.

Now, I know that this has been a really vague review, but bottom line, if you go see any movie this week – make it “Logan”. And if you want to listen to a really great in depth discussion and review of “Logan” check out the great new podcast called The Splash Podcast – check out their website and their Facebook page (links below):

The Splash Podcast (Facebook)

The Splash Network (website)

Thanks for sticking with me so far with this month’s challenge, I am so excited to post more, and maybe get some great new series posts pulled together! It’s really great having you all along on this awesome journey!


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