March Blog Challenge – Day 10

Hi Readers,

I don’t know about where you live, but today was snowy and cold where I am, so for tonight’s challenge post here are few things I love to do on cold snowy nights (especially Fridays).

1. So one of the things I love to do, if I have what is needed, is I love to put a fire in the wood stove, it’s great for some soft lighting and keeps the room nice and toasty  which can help with the cost of heating in the winter.

2. If it is a Friday night, or it’s been a really bad day at work – I will pour myself a glass of wine (or something a little stronger if needed… lol)

3. Enjoy the fire, and my drink while doing one of the following:
– Putting on a movie or tv show and relaxing
– Grab a good book, and sit back to read
– Sit back with a counted cross stitch project

So, that is what I like to do on cold winter nights, what do you like to do? Share it below!


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