March Blog Challenge – Day 8

Hi Readers,

So for tonight’s post, I want to deviate from the challenge a bit, and talk to you about something that I have dealt for a good portion of my life… and that is migraines, and a little store that I have found to help me fight through those migraines everyday.

From about the time I was 13, I have suffered from chronic migraines and there were days when I did not even want to get out of bed because the pain was so bad. After dealing with different over the counter types of medication, I went and saw a neurologist. He was able to help me figure out some things as well as prescribe some medication to help.

However, the real help with my migraines came after I visited this little shop in Old Mystic Village in Mystic, CT. This shops name is Becca Rose. At Becca Rose, I was able to find some great essential oils, and patches that naturally help ease the pain of my migraine. Not only do they have great products for helping migraines, they also have other really wonderful products to help with everything from Acne to Depression, and even Insomnia.

Below are links to the products that I use for my migraines, as well as the main website link for the store. You should definitely check this place out, it is so refreshing to have a place that naturally helps with things.

Becca Rose website

Natural Patches of Vermont – Migraine Patches

M-Grain Essential Oils from Young Living



This is a personal review, no product or incentive was exchanged in return.

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