March Blog Challenge Day 2

Hello Readers!

Ok, day 2 of the March Blog Challenge – today’s topic: What 5 Places Would You Like To Visit?

While I have traveled a few places, more so in recent years than before, there are still a lot of places that I would love to travel to. So here we go, the Top 5 Places I would like to visit in my lifetime:

Number 5: Australia
– I have made friends who live in Australia, and I have wanted to visit there after hearing them talk about home. From the Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef there seems to be more to this hidden gem than Kangaroos and Vegemite… lol

Number 4: France
– From the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in Paris, to the beauty of Nice and Marseilles. The scenery, and the history all make this in the top 5 places I want to visit… not to mention, the shopping!

Number 3: Austria
– Not only are some of my ancestors (however small the number) hail from Austria, it is also where one of my favorite movies of all time was filmed – can you guess it? That’s right, The Sound of Music, one of my all time favorite movies, and I don’t think life will be complete for me until I sit in the gazebo at Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg, where Julie Andrews stood with Christopher Plummer.

Number 2: England
– As an avid Doctor Who fan, as well as a fan of history, there has always been a hope that I would one day get to visit England and see Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road, Stonehenge, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey – you name it and I want to see it 🙂

Number 1: Ireland & Scotland
– Now, I know what you’re going to say, yes, Ireland and Scotland are two separate countries, but for me they are not only full of history and amazing culture and vistas to see, Ireland and Scotland are also the birthplace of my family. My mum’s side of the family hails from Ireland and my da’s side of the family hails from Scotland. My brother has done a lot of work on our family history and one day, although times have changed, I would like to walk the streets and see the views that my ancestors walked and saw.

So, those are my top 5 places that I want to visit – What are yours? Do you have a special connection to those places or do you just want to travel the world?

I’d love to hear about them, post a comment send me a message – travelling is something everyone should try to do, and I would love to add some more places to my list! 🙂


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