Irish Heritage Month & March Blog Challenge Day 1

Hi Readers,

Happy first day of Irish Heritage Month, and Day 1 of this year’s monthly blog challenge! 🙂

As a way to start of my blog challenge, and start the celebration of Irish Heritage Month, I want to share with you all a new CD that was just released less than a week ago by one of my favorite artists.

I have written about this artist a few times, and every time he comes out with something new, I am in awe of his talent and his sweet and charming personality. I am talk of course about world renowned, Irish tenor, Emmet Cahill.

On February 24th, Emmet released his debut solo album “Emmet Cahill’s Ireland” and let me tell you… it is incredible, enchanting, and simply magical. It is a wonderful collection of classic Irish songs that have been passed down from generation to generation.

emmets-cdSome of the songs on the CD I have heard Emmet perform at his solo shows, others I was hearing for the first time. Like all of his solo shows that I have seen, this CD does not disappoint. No matter what kind of day you have had, when you sit back and listen to the sweet tone of Emmet’s voice coupled with the wonderful arrangements by David Munro and Seamus Brett, you can’t help but smile and feel your day get better.

I love all of the songs on this CD, and it has been the best way to start the month of March. It would be hard to pick my favorite song, but there are two that stand out as my top two songs from the album. The first is, “My Cavan Girl”, when Emmet sings this song in his solo shows he talks about how this was the song his dad would always sing at parties, and it if you have never heard it – it is a beautiful song that tells the love story of a man who travels a great distance to see the woman he loves. The second song is called “An Irish Lullaby”, which is a wonderful old Irish-American song, and it is pure poetry.

Emmet Cahill is amazingly talented, and this album is Emmet at his best, but as a music lover and a very big fan of his, I truly believe that the best is yet to come. Of course, don’t just take my word for it, give his new album a listen, immerse yourself in the magic that is “Emmet Cahill’s Ireland”.

Emmet’s debut solo album is available on Amazon, iTunes, as well as through the Celtic Thunder website (click here). I sincerely hope you check out this simply majestic album and really get to hear what Emmet’s fans all around the world already know – whether it is singing a Broadway smash hit or a wee Irish ditty, there is no one who can brighten any day with music, quite like Emmet Cahill.

Please note – I wrote this review after my personal purchase of the CD. No discount or incentive was given to me for writing this review.

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