1 Year later

Hi Readers,

Happy 1 year! Wait, it’s already been a year for this blog? Wow, time has really flown by. I just want to thank you all for reading along with me. I know my posting has been sporadic, but it means so much to me that you are all out there.

So a few exciting things that are coming up, last April I did a blog challenge to post every day, I am currently planning to do that for the month of March, some of my posts will be part of a challenge I have found on Pinterest, while others, will deal with something I love most about March… St. Patrick’s Day!!! That’s right, I will continue the posts that I did last March revolving around the history of Ireland, as well as throwing some other cool posts.

I have so many ideas of posts for March, as well as posts in general. Please keep an eye out and thank you so much again for being on this journey with me. It has been an incredible year, and I can’t see what the upcoming years have in store for us all!



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