What’s in My Bag? Photographer Edition

So, something that I have loved since I was in high school has been photography. I always tried to use some form of camera whether we were on vacation or even just around school taking photos of my friends. The camera’s I had were never the top of the line, but they worked great and I loved using them. Last Christmas, no not the song, I got my first ever Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, or Digital SLR Camera for you photographers out there.

It’s a Canon Rebel, and I have been able to take some pretty amazing pictures with it. So, for this edition of What’s In My Bag? I decided that I would let you in on what is in my camera bag.

So the camera bag I use, is from Amazon, it is the “AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Camera & Accessories”. If you need a new camera bag and have a lot of accessories that you carry, then I HIGHLY recommend you look into getting this one (check it out here).

There are lots of compartments and let me tell you this bag is a lifesaver when I want to bring my camera places. Here is what is inside:

  • Camera Body (obviously, you can’t carry a camera bag without a camera… well, you can, but really what would the point be.)
  • Lens
    • I have two lens a 18-55mm lens and a 75-300mm lens
  • Memory Cards
    • In addition to the memory card that is in the camera, I usually try to carry at least 2 – 4 other memory cards, varying in memory but if I can get them at a reasonable price I try to carry memory cards that have between 16 and 64 GB of space. (I have found that Amazon has great prices for memory cards, but if you know of any other places please let me know – the best priced Amazon memory cards are SanDisk Ultra Class)
  • Batteries
    • Also in addition to the battery in the camera, I carry two spare batteries, and a charger. This makes sure that I will not be missing a shot or moment even when I am not near a wall outlet.
  • Tripod
    • This camera bag is great, because it has Velcro on the side so I can carry my tripod with me. The tripod that I carry, I actually found at a Goodwill near my house for $4. So don’t discount places like Goodwill or Savers for things, they are great for secret finds

So that is it for this edition of What’s In My Bag? – as a budding photographer I am always looking for new things to add to my camera bag, and when I find deals I just can’t resist.

Thanks for checking with What’s In My Bag? – Photography Edition. Stay tuned in cause you never know what bag we will dive into next, and if you have a bag that you want to have me dive into, let me know, either in the comments below or drop me a line!

Talk to you all soon!


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