My Dream Wedding – Part 1

In my first post about my dream wedding, during the April Blog Challenge (which feels like forever ago), I talked about the color scheme, and the flowers that I would be using for my dream traditional celtic wedding. I realized that putting everything about my dream wedding in one post would make it a little long, and let’s face it if I won’t read super long blog posts, why should I make my readers read something crazy long. So I decided I would put together a series of posts and each one would talk about a different part of what I have dreamed for my dream wedding.

For Part 1 of this series I want to talk about the venue for my wedding. Now there are two things that will be happening on the day of my wedding, there will be a catholic ceremony in a church, followed by a reception. At this point I only have ideas for the ceremony. Obviously there is the dream location and then there is the logical location. Like some girls, I have thought about my wedding since I was like 10 years old, maybe even younger, and there was always that one location I wanted, but as I have grown, and learned more about my family history and ancestry I have changed where I would want to have the ceremony a lot.

So, if budget is not an issue, and I could get married anywhere in the world, what would the dream venue for my wedding be? Well, my dream venue for the ceremony would be a cathedral in Ireland that is absolutely beautiful. Located in the town of Mullingar in County Westmeath, the Cathedral of Christ the King is the most perfect setting for a traditional catholic ceremony. The inside can only be described as absolutely stunning.

Sadly, I have yet to have the ability to visit the cathedral in person, but you can watch a live stream of the cathedral and even watch the services that they have. Below the live stream they list when the services for that day are. Here is the link to the live stream so that you can check it out:

Of course, I have also thought about where I would have my wedding if getting married in Ireland is not an option. For this, there have been a few places that I have thought about getting married, places that I have meant something to my life. Whether it is the church my family has always gone to when we are on vacation, or one of the many parishes we have been apart of in my life. It took me a while to decide, but if I were to get married and have it be here in the states, I can only thing about getting married in the parish that my family belongs to now. That is St. Patrick’s Church, in Redding Connecticut. It is a beautiful small church, reminiscent of the old style churches. The sizing is perfect for a small intimate wedding ceremony, for family, and close friends.

Have you thought about your wedding? Are you already married? Tell me your dream wedding location, or if your dream has already come true, share that as well in the comments below – I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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