What’s in My Bag? Work Edition

In this segment of “What’s in My Bag?” I’m going to share with you what is in the messenger bag that I carry to work every day. Now there will be some cross over from my purse, as I combine the two during the week to cut down on the I need to carry, for those items, I won’t write a description for them, but I will still list them, since they are in my work bad.

So here we go – down the rabbit hole that is my work bag:

  1. Cellphone/Wallet
  2. Feminine Products
  3. Soothing Migraine Formula Essential Oil Patches
  4. Celtic Mandala 2016 Engagement Datebook Calendar: I got this datebook off of Amazon (Click Here to check it out), each month has a different celtic knot artwork for each month. In this date book I keep track of both work things and personal things. I find that when ?I actually write something down i remember it better than just putting it in my phone.
  5. Glasses Case
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 3: This is my personal computer that I bring with me almost anywhere. I have my graphics programs, and almost everything i could possibly need.
  7. Spiral Notebooks: I usually have a spiral notebook in my bag whether it is for meetings during work, notes while on the phone with a customer, or taking notes while I work.
  8. Sketchbook: My sketchbook is almost always in my bag – whether it is for sketching out something for a customer or just doodling on my break, it always works to have my sketchbook.
  9. Pens & Pencils: where there is a notebook or a sketchbook you need writing instruments – so I keep a few different types of pens, and pencils with me for when the need should arise.

So for my work bag there isn’t a lot of difference,but having a bigger bag, means I can carry a few more things.

In the next edition of  “What’s in My Bag?”…. well you’ll just have to subscribe (if you ahven;t already) to find out next time. Till then! 🙂 ❤

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