What’s In My Bag? Purse Edition

So yesterday, on my way to a family meet up for my grandmother’s 87th birthday I decided that I wanted to start some of my new post series. So if you didn’t guess by the title, this is the first post of “What’s In My Bag?“. Naturally, I had my purse with me. So lets take a gander through it:

  1. Cellphone/Wallet: so for my phone, I have a wallet cellphone case, not only does it make running to the store on my lunch break easier, but it makes going out to the bar with the girls easier too. The only downside, is if it is not in my purse and that is the only thing I am carrying, then I can’t… CAN NOT… lose it.
  2. Feminine Products: OK, obviously every month a girl needs to carry certain things with her, I usually have one or two with me just in case. Cause you never know when you are out with friends if they are going to need it – key thing, always be prepared!
  3. Soothing Migraine Formula Essential Oil Patches: for the last few years, I have suffered from debilitating migraines. Recently when I was at Mystic Village in Mystic, CT. I went into a little store call Becca Rose. They have lots of essential oils, natural remedies. These patches are some of the best things I have used to help my migraines, so I never leave home without it.
  4. Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín: a recent discovery this book is the coming age of Eilis a recent immigrant from Ireland. I haven’t finished the story yet, but I am loving so far – I’ll let you know when I finish how it was 🙂
  5. Nintendo 3DS: I don’t always bring my DS with me, but for a car ride anywhere, my DS or a book are perfect.
  6. Glasses Case: Normally I wear contacts, so I usually always have my glasses with me, just in case I need to take my contacts out.


So that’s whats in my purse. Stay tuned for the next post of “What’s In My Bag?” when I tackle my work tote bag.

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