April Blog Challenge – Conclusion

So, today is May 1st, which means the April Blog Challenge is done.

Sadly, I missed the last few posts. But I still want to do a final follow-up on the challenge.

There are things that I have learned about myself during this challenge. First, if I don’t plan to make time to post… well then I will most likely forget to post.

I also learned that there a lots of topics I can cover in my blog based off of topics I did a one day post about. So here are a few post aeries that I will be starting based on the April Blog Challenge:

1. My Dream Wedding
      In this series of posts, I’ll continue to talk about the different aspects of my dream wedding, from food to bridesmaid dresses – you name it and other than what my dress will look like will be in it.

2. What’s in my Bag
       I started with what was in my make-up bag, in these posts I’ll talk about my purse, work bag, suitcase… etc.

3. Weekly Recipes
        For these posts I am going to pick a recipe each week, that I have either made myself or that I have found from restaurants.

I am also going to finish posting my sewing adventures series, and before the week is out I will be announcing a post series for a special project.

Thanks for following this challenge and my blog. I cant wait to share more with you guys as we grow together! 😊

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