April Blog Challenge – Day 25

So things have been insane. So I will post today’s most and then I will do double posts for the rest of the week to catch up. We are in the last week of the blog challenge, and for not having a lot of time to blog, I am pretty happy with how well we have done this month.

Day 25 – Write about something you miss.

The something I miss, is not really a something… it’s a someone on.

It was a few years ago that my Pop-Pop, passed away. He was my best friend and he taught me things that only a Pop-Pop could teach someone.

My Pop-Pop took me to my first bar, of course I was only about 5 years old – so I got sat at the bar with a soda and some pretzels. He taught me how to play pool, and he told me stories about my family history that have stayed with me.

I could write lots of stories, but some of the memories are a little fuzzy, and otherwise this would take you hours to read.

So the person that I miss most, is my Pop-Pop.

Is there something or someone you miss? Tell me about it below –

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