April Blog Challenge – Day 20

Day 20 – Talk about the meaning behind your blog name

So if you hadn’t figured out, the name of my blog is Love Geeky Me. When I first started to think about my blog name, I had wanted it to be something that was totally unique, and totally me. Of course nothing was coming to mind right away.

So I decided I would think about the things I would blog about and find a name from there. So all of my favorite fandoms came pouring into my head, then fashion, food… basically everything. I wanted to be able to blog about anything with out worrying about if it fit in with my blog. So I settled on a lifestyle blog, that way I could cover lots of topics, without the worry.

Now, for a lot of years I would never admit to anyone that I was geeky and kind of nerdy. It wasn’t cool to be a geek or a nerd. Then all of these hipsters came out and being nerdy was cool, but only if you were nerdy in a certain way. Guess what, there isn’t one type of geek, or one type of nerd. We are all different shapes, sizes, genders, from different corners of the world. And best of all we are geeks and nerds for different reasons.

He is a geek because he cosplays different Lord of the Rings characters or Marvel/DC Superheros, she’s a nerd because she loves science. They like Doctor Who so they are geeks or nerds known as Whovians, she loves writing and poetry and creating verses and stories, so she is a geek.

I am an all around geek, because I love lots of things and geek out over just about all of them (some more so than others). So that is partially where the love in Love Geeky Me came in. Geeks always go full speed ahead into things they love, the other part of how Love worked itself into my blog name is because of how long it took me to learn to love this side of me. Not loving it cause everyone else was being geeky and nerdy, but loving my geeky/nerdy side, cause it’s a part of who I am.

Which is where the, Me, comes in. I love for people to share things, but for me, Love Geeky Me, is where I can share with others like me, that I love myself, and all of myself. not just the parts that others like, but the geeky nerdy parts too. I love my geeky nerdy self, and that is why with Love Geeky Me, everyone can start to express and love the geek or nerd they hide inside.

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