April Blog Challenge – Day 17

Ok… so here we are, Day 17, and pretty much caught up after this post. Talk about a blog-a-thon. 😊

Day 17 – Who is your Celebrity Crush?

Alright, keeping it πŸ’―… I have a few celebrity crushes.. Β in fact I’ve talked about one of them on here before… but for this post, I am going to talk about the celebrity crush that fuels my geeky superhero dreams pretty much every night. He has actually played 2 super heros in his acting career, but the latest hero has been, in this geeky gals opinion his best. From fiery hot to the star spangled super stallion, he is pretty much my dream hero…

Have you guessed it yet? If not, I’ll tell you… it is none other than that handsome wondeful actor, Chris Evans. Yup, you guessed it… Captain America is my celebrity crush. If he were to walk into a room I was in I really don’t know if I could control the fangirl inside me.

So, what is it about Chris Evans that makes this Peggy Carter wannabe love him so? Well for starters, its not just because he’s Captain America, and it’s not just because he’s very very VERY good looking (cause he is… let’s face it, he is pretty much perfect). Nope, he is my crush becuase of the fact that he us still so down to earth even with all of his success.

Watch interviews he does, he jokes, he laughs and does what he does for the love of it… not for the money or the fame. That is why of he were to knock on my door right now I would probably drop everything to spend time with him.

Whose your celeb crush? Are they well known or known to just a few? Share your love for them below! 😊

Thanks for tuning into my blog-a-thon tonight, hopefully this week will be a little more condusive for blogging, be safe tonight and have a great week… 😊

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