April Blog Challenge – Day 13

So here we are – day 13… i know I skipped day 12… but we’ll just move on to day 13.

Day 13 – Whose your favorite musician and why?


Now, I have talked a lot about Celtic Thunder in different posts, but they are  not the focus of this post. I actually have many favorite bands, singers, etc. However… there is one musician that I can say, at this point in time, is my favorite. His name is Emmet Cahill.

Emmet, hails from Mullingar in County Westmeath, Ireland. I was first introduced to him through, you guessed it, Celtic Thunder.

Me with Emmet Cahill (left) & Colm Keegan (right) on the 2nd Celtic Thunder Cruise

I have been extremly fortunate to be able to meet Emmet on a number of occasions – at his solo shows here in the US, at Celtic Thunder Shows, and on the 1st and 2nd Celtic Thunder Cruises.  Getting to meet him, talk to him, and listen to him during the Q&As, I have come to know him as a kind, and sweet man, who has such a pure heart and the highest grattitude for all of his fans.

There are very few people who you can say are truly genuine in their care, and gratitude towards people, and let me tell you something… Emmet Cahill is one of these few.

As for the why (even though some of the above info can count as a why), his talent is definately one of the reasons why I love his music, his personality is a definate reason, but the real reason behind why Emmet Cahill is my favorite musician is because he brings to life songs that have such beautiful melodies, and amazing stories.

In fact, there is one song that he has recently added to
his repetoire at his solo shows that has truly become one of my favorites. If you have been to one of his shows you have heard Emmet tell the story about his dad and how at a concert in his home town he asked his dad if he could sing his song. Everyone in the auditorium turned around to look at his dad who could give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Thankfully, it was a thumbs up.

Emmet & I_ East Haven CT(retouched)
Emmet and I at his solo show, in East Haven, CT (March 2016)


The song I am talking about is called, “My Caven Girl“, it’s the story from a man who travels for miles to talk to a beautiful girl (his dream girl) in Caven Town. This is such a beautiful story, put to music and Emmet does an amazing rendition – so thank you Mr. Cahill (Emmet’s dad) for saying he can sing it :).

I could probably ramble on more about Emmet, but as it is almost midnight, I should probably sign off and get some sleep. Of course if you want to know more about Emmet, and hear his amazing voice, check out his website. There are videos, links to his youtube page and more – I’ll stick them below too!

Do you have a favorite musician, or band? Tell me who they are, and why you like them! I’m looking forward to hearing who your favorites are!

Emmet Cahill Links:

Emmet’s Website

Emmet’s YouTube Channel

Emmet’s Facebook Page

Emmet’s Twitter Page


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