April Blog Challenge – Day 11

Day 11 – What’s in your make-up bag?

There are a few things that are staple items in my make-up back that I carry in my purse.

I always use Bare Minerals/Bare Essentials make-up, it’s all natural, and it great for all skin types. So what am I carrying in my make-up bag?

I always carry my bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara, my bareMinerals Lash Domination Ink Liner (eye liner), 2 shades of my bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE Lip Gloss, my 5-in-1 BB advanced performance cream eye shadow (broad spectrum SPF 15), a Rose Gold eye shadow, and my bareMinerals READY Touch-up Veil (broad spectrum SPF 15).

So that’s what make-up I can’t ever leave home with out. Do you have anything that is a staple item in your make-up bag? Need some tips on using make-up to make you feel amazing with how beautiful you already are?? Leave me a comment or send me a message!

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