April Blog Challenge – Day 8 & 9

So I missed posting yesterday as I got home and was just completely exhausted. So today I am going to do a combo of yesterday and today’s post. So for Day 8 I was supposed to post a photo and song that fit how my day was, and for Day 9 I am supposed to post a photo of the last thing i purchased. So my combo is going to be song that fit my day today as well as a photo of the last thing I bought, and both the photo and song are from the same group!


So first, i’ll share a photo of the last thing AI bought. This is actually only a partial photo as the bundle had lots of goodies. So last Saturday I was in Yonkers with my mum, at Rory Dolan’s to see Byrne & Kelly (Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder) and while I was there I bought the Byrne and Kelly Echoes Merchandise Bundle – which included a CD, t-shirt, 2 photos, drink coozie, bracelet, and much much more.


So here are the 2 posters/photos as well as one of the stickers. I am currently using the coozie at work with a red solo cup that I cut to fit it as a pen cup on my desk, I wear the bracelet every day and I listen to the CD everyday too!

As for the song – it’s not a song that fit my day per say, but it has been in my head all day. Also from Byrne & Kelly, it is a cover song that they did on the Live in Australia CD. It’s their cover of the song Wagon Wheel. It just makes you feel good whenever you listen to it.

Since I am throwing this blog together really fast before i head to sleep for the night, i didn’t have a chance to get a video posted for it – but trust me, if you want a song that has a great up beat tempo, and just amazing musical talent, you have to check out Byrne & Kelly.

So that’s it for tonight – If there is a song that just makes you smile anytime you hear it – tell me below and I’ll check it out, I am always looking for great music to listen too!

Night all! ❤

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