April Blog Challenge – Day 7

So today’s blog post topic is an interesting one. Blog Challenge Day 7 – Your Dream Wedding.


Now, most girls if you ask them will tell you that they have thought and dreamed about what their wedding would be like. And I am no different. Now there are somethings that I will not be posting her about my dream wedding… the big one? MY DRESS – there will not be pictures or descriptions about my dress – as whomever I marry would have the ability to look at this and see my dress, and that is very bad luck for the groom to see the bridal gown before the wedding, it’s even worse luck if the groom sees the bride IN her dress.

So, for those who are just starting to read my blog, I am very much into my Irish heritage. So my dream wedding would celebrate the best of both my Irish heritage and a Celtic traditions.

So I have had many different thoughts about colors and I have my picks for different seasons, but in this post I will talk about my favorites of all aspects of the wedding. So my favorite color scheme is deep emerald green, and ivory. My maid of honor would have a gold dress with emerald accents (accessories), the bridesmaids will have emerald green dresses with gold accents (accessories), and my flower girl would have an ivory dress, with an emerald green ribbon and in her basket she would have emerald, gold, and ivory rose petals.

For the wedding flowers, each bridesmaid will have a bouquet with a different flower in each, and my bouquet will be made up of a mix of all of these flowers.

My maid of honor will carry a bouquet of Roses, which were a wish of passion and joy for the new couple in the new marriage. My bridesmaids will each carry a different carry bouquets of either Primroses which traditionally stood for Eternal love, Forget-me-nots (white) which meant, true love, and finally a bouquet of Lilly of the Valley, which signified the sweetness of love. In each bouquet there will also be Bells of Ireland , which would signify luck for the new couple.

there is so much more to my dream wedding – so maybe I will come back and tell you more, but for now… it’s time to sign off for the night. So if you have had thoughts about your dream wedding or questions about Irish/Celtic wedding traditions, leave me a comment or send me a message!! 🙂

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