April Blog Challenge – Day 5

Here we go… Day 5 – Share a photo of you from 2 years ago.

So two years ago in November, I went on a cruise with my best friends – Katie, Kelly, & Sarah. What cruise did we go on? We went on the 2nd Celtic Thunder Cruise – and as VIPS.

So our first night on the cruise we had the chance to hang out and talk with 2 of the lads in the group, Emmet Cahill and Colm Keegan – also known to their fans as Celtic Comet.

So this photo of me is one of my favorite pictures from the cruise. It’s me with Emmet and Colm after the Q&A we had with them.


It is one of the few photos I actually like of me, and it is not because there are two handsome Irishmen at my side. But, the real reason why this is one of my favorite photos from not only the cruise but probably ever, is because I was really happy in this moment, and that is what I love about music in general, but especially about Celtic Thunder, and their musicians. They make you feel happy through their talent, and their personalities.


Is there a photo of yours from two years ago or at any time that you remember being truly happy in that instant? Share that moment with me – in a world where things take an unhappy turn it is always good to look at the happy and positive moments, both in the past and those moments that are to come in the future! 🙂

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