April Post Challenge – Day 3

OK – Day 3 post (2nd post today) – My Favorite Store


I have a lot of stores that I love – i have a shopping problem so picking a favorite is kind of hard.

So I’ll talk to you about my favorite stores for different things that I love…

So if I am looking for nerdy things whether to drool over online or go into the store to wish i had the money for things, it’s a tie between ThinkGeek.com and Hot Topic.

  • ThinkGeek has all the geeky things you could possibly want, from an R2D2 Bento Lunch Box to a Flux Capacitor USB Cable car charger.
  • Hot Topic is great for pop culture items and even finding your favorite bands albums on vinyl records. But more than that, the Hot Topic I go to, you get to know the staff and they are a great group of people to say hey to when you want to look at things you know you have no money for,

Now, if I am looking for clothes that I can wear to work or out and about I LOVE going into New York and Company.

  • They have taken classic styles and silhouettes and make it for the modern woman in a modern world.  And they are so reasonably priced and have the best sales.

Lastly, if you are looking for good used video games, in the Danbury, CT area; with just about everything from Atari to XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4, then please look no further than LEVEL 1 Video Games in the Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, CT.

  • Nick and the rest of the staff at LEVEL01 are so knowledgeable and really help with making sure you get the game you want, the console you want. You name it an they will help you as best they can.
  • They have new and used games for anyone of any age, and any gender – and let me tell you, these boys LOVE their Super Smash Bros.

So there ya go gang, shops for getting work clothes, geeky toys and memorabilia, and video games (new and used) for anyone.

So what are you waiting for??? Go check out my favorite stores, and hey comment below with your favorite stores to shop at.

❤ Cathy

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