April Post Challenge – Day 1

So for the month of April I am taking on a challenge to do 1 post a day based on a 30 Day challenge I found on Pinterest.

So here goes – Post #1: Share a Picture of yourself and describe how your days was.


So this picture of me is from the Saturday after St. Patrick’s Day. I went to see Emmet Cahill do a solo show in East Haven, CT and before the show he and I got to take a picture together.

Emmet & I_ East Haven CT(retouched)

So today was a long day of work, but a good day. I love my job, the team that I work with is amazing, and I can’t think of a better group of people who make me want to keep learning and keep growing not only as a graphic designer, but also as a person.

After a long day of work it was off to the staple event of my Fridays – Date night with my boyfriend. We had a nice dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, and then walked around Barnes & Noble where I picked up some new books.

Although today was a long day – there was nothing dramatic that happened in my day so that made the day go by a little faster. Tomorrow however is a different story – errands for my car, and eye doctors appointment and then tomorrow night I am headed to Rory Dolan’s in Yonkers, NY to see Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne – Byrne & Kelly – from Celtic Thudner as they continue on their  Echoes album launch tour.


I know this was a short blog – but I will be trying to post everyday – so stay tuned for those upcoming posts!! 🙂

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