Sewing Adventures – 70’s Skirt Part 1

A few weeks ago I was walking through Joann Fabrics and they were having a sale on Simplicity patterns – $1 each. So I picked up a record number of patterns to get back into sewing.  So the first pattern I am taking on is a retro vintage 1970’s skirt. Although this is the easiest pattern I picked up it looks like it will take 2 weekends to complete the project.

So lets start off with what you are going to need. You’ll need, your pattern (knowing which size and style you want to do), scissors, pins, fabric (any type you’d like, and amount based on the sizing of the garment and width of the fabric), interfacing, buttons, thread to match the fabric (spool and filled bobbin), an optional supply is finishing trim (use this if you are not going to sew the hem).

needed supplies2

Before you start cutting make sure you wash the fabric. This will help get rid of anything that was on the fabric, as well as preshrink and fabric that could shrink the first time you wash it.  While the fabric is in the wash, you can look closer at the pattern and select the style of the skirt and the size you will be making it – for my skirt I did style B (the green skirt on the pattern envelope) in size 16. Having chosen the style go through and cut out the pattern pieces you need leaving space around the black lines.

Once the fabric is washed and dry, you can lay out the pattern pieces you have cut out, and pin them down. (as shown in the pictures below)

fabric layout2

After all of the pieces are laid out, and pinned down, taking your scissors you can cut the pattern out of the fabric. When you have finished cutting out the fabric, repeat the pattern process with the interfacing and cut the necessary pieces out of the interfacing.interfacing layout2

The next step is to follow the directions in the pattern on putting the garment together. For this skirt, first I ironed the interfacing, and then I folded the front part over to make a vertical front. I pinned the front down to make sure everything holds. Then taking the front panels and the front-side panels I pinned them together matching up the notches that were cut out.

Once the pieces are pinned together take the pieces over to the sewing machine and doing a 5/8″ seam sew the pieces together. After both front pieces have been sewn together take pinking shears and trim a little bit of the inner seam so that it doesn’t fray, and using your iron, iron your seam out so that it lays flat.

front-frontside pinned
This is what the pieces will look like after they have been sewed, pinked, and ironed (pictured below). This took most of the day Saturday, so I will continue with my garment next weekend.

front-frontside sewed

Stay tuned for Sewing Adventures – 70’s Skirt Part 2… COMING SOON!


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