Tea Time with the Girls

This past Saturday I went with three of the lovely ladies I work with to Tea with Tracy in Seymour, CT.

the tea girls @ tea with tracy
The girls and I outside
Tea with Tracy
photo credit: Becca Constanzo

Having mostly been a coffee drinker for most of my life, I recently became kind of addicted to tea, after trying to go 30 days without coffee. Thankfully, my friends (and coworkers), Dawn, Becca, and
Cecilia (the SnapHappyFoodie) have helped
me learn to love different teas.

When you enter the tea room, you are greeted by a beautiful display of teas, mini tea sets, and tea accessories to please even the most avid tea drinker. To your left there is a large room filled with tables covered in white table clothes and chairs that are beautifully miss matched for anyone’s comfort.

tea shelf
A portion of the tea wall
photo credit: Becca Constanzo


Moving to the right there are more tables and chairs as well as a huge wall filled with an incredible selection of teas that you can purchase and bring home to keep your memories of your time at Tea with Tracy in the forefront of your mind.

When we were seated at our table there was lovely china tea cups and saucers, water glasses, and beautiful silverware. All a proper setting for an afternoon tea.

As we paroused the menu of more than 210 types of tea we took special notice of the section at the top called: “Princesses and Super Heroes“. Going back to a conversation we had in the car about my car being named “Cap” for Captain America, they all pointed out the Captain America tea that was listed. So we went around and decided on what we would have for afternoon tea.

When it came time to order we all took part in their afternoon tea – with this you get your own post of tea, a scone, a tea sandwich, and dessert. So four of us each with our own tea pot and we would share if someone wanted to try.

tea pots

OUr teas came out and we were excited to see what was in store! I ordered the “Captain America” tea (in the light blue pot) which was, All-American Cupcake flavored tea, Cecilia ordered the Bourbon Street Vanilla tea (in the teal pot and also known as “Princess Tiana”), Becca ordered a wonderful Creme Brulee flavored tea (in the orange pot) and Dawn ordered “Merida” which was a Scottish Highland tea (in the maroon pot). Each tea had it’s own wonderfully unique taste and were wonderful to drink.

treats and beccaThen came the food – although small portions the food was delicious and very filling. They bring out the food on a traditional 3 tier afternoon tea stand, the scones on top, tea sandwiches in the center, and dessert on the bottom.

The food looked amazing, and the display made it easy to see those across the table (as Becca demonstrated while I took pictures).

Each tier an experiance. For the scones we each ordered our own – there was an Almond White Chocolate Scone, a Lemon Blueberry Scone (actually there were two of these…) and mine was a traditional Chocolate Chip Scone. Following the down to the next teir, the tea sandwiches, each cut into triangles without the crust using both white and whole wheat bread.

tea sandwichesWe had a cranberry and brie sandwich, a herb chicken salad sandwich, a baked ham and gouda chesse, and a cucumber mint sandwich. Each sandwich had its own simple flavor yet was delicious with each bite. Since each sandwich was cut into 4 triangles, and there were 4 of us, naturally we each got a taste of each others sandwich. Then came the final tier, dessert. For dessert we actually had to give our dessert order after we recieved our tea because everything sounded so wonderful.


So for dessert, we spit each one into 4 so that we could share, mostly so that we could all taste the dessert we had been salivating over on the menu. There was an Apple Tart, a piece of Carrot Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bread Pudding, and a Chocolate Cupcake.

tea sandwich and scone
A scone and tea sandwich fit perfectly on the beautiful china plate

Each piece of our afternoon tea was perfect in size, and filled us up. The scone was perfection, and the butter just melted into it. Each sandwich brought out a different feeling as you ate it. Of course, dessert, everyone’s favorite part stood out as the best. I even found that the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bread Pudding was the best bread pudding I have ever had.

Tea with Tracy offers anything you can think of, from themed tea parties open to everyone, even private events for you and your friends and family. I was a lovely day with the girls, and I can’t wait for us to plan our next outing!

the tea girls
Dawn, Myself, Cecilia, and Becca all ready to get our tea on!

WHAT’S THE VERDICT:¬†Tea with Tracy is the place to go in Seymour, CT for a wonderful afternoon tea, whether with your gal pals, friends from work, even your Nana or Granny will have a brilliant time. The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming and the personality it had from the china to the chairs, to the great staff, I can’t wait to go back, soon and bring my Mom, and some of my other friends!


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